All incoming first year undergraduate applicants and all transfer applicants must apply to Howard University via the Common Application. First year undergraduate students interested in one of our major concentrations must apply under the Early Action or Early Decision admission plan. Under either of these plans, your Common Application must be submitted by November 1, and all supporting documents (test scores, letters of recommendation, and so forth) must be submitted by November 15. The application deadline for transfer students is April 30th. 

The Office of Admissions notifies early first year applicants with complete admission files of their admission decision in mid-December. If accepted by the university, students can then place/interview for their preferred Theatre Arts performance concentration (Acting, Dance, and Musical Theatre) or submit a portfolio of their work and participate in a personal interview (Theatre Administration, and Theatre Technology).

Transfer students must participate in the concentration placement process before they receive an acceptance from the university. However, transfer students who pass the concentration placement process cannot be accepted into the Theatre Arts program without an acceptance from the university.

All performance students must successfully complete the concentration placement process for the Department as well as gain admission to the University. Our concentration placements are being held on Saturday, December 4, 2021 and Sunday December 5, 2021.

All students must submit a Headshot/Resume or Design Portfolio.

2022-2023 Preparing for Concentration Placements and Interviews

Acting Auditions (with Placements)

Acting Area Audition/Placement:

We begin our audition process for consideration to be placed in our Acting area of concentration this November 2021.  The Callback audition will be held on Saturday, December 4th, 2021 via Zoom platform.  In addition, all prospective students must follow the application deadlines set by the Office of Admissions.

All materials for audition must be received for prescreening by Friday, November 26th.  If selected, a callback for potential placement will be held on Saturday, December 4th, 2021 via Zoom platform.

Requirements sent to

-              2 videotaped contrasting monologues (classical/contemporary/drama/comedy – no poetry, original material, or film scripts)

-              Audition material should be no more than 2 minutes for each piece

-              Resume/pix: best collection of material and experience as possible

-              Upload taped/video of audition materials to Youtube and send the link to

Musical Theatre Auditions (with Placement)

Musical Theatre Audition/ Placement Requirements:

Students who want to audition for the BFA Musical Theatre Program should prepare a package which includes the following:

  1. two musical theatre songs – one up tempo, one ballad (32 bars each)
  2. a one-minute contemporary monologue
  3. 2 minutes of dance choreography provided by the department
    1. In person auditioners will learn the combination from a teacher
    2. Virtual auditioners will be provided with an instructional video
  4. a headshot and artistic resume

In person auditions will be held on December 4 and 5, 2021. Students who cannot attend in-person auditions should email Professor Johnson to arrange a virtual audition time. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email the Musical Theatre program coordinator at Registration for Musical Theatre auditions can be found online at


Dance Auditions (with Placements)

Dance Audition/ Placements Dates:

Saturday, December 4, 2021 and Sunday December 5, 2021

A Sample of what will be required to be demonstrated in the Dance Placement submission is below. 

Placement Dates are listed above. If you have any questions, contact Professor Royce Zackery (  Please bring your resume and headshot to the audition/placement session.

Virtual Option:  In person auditions are encouraged. However, if you are unable to make the in-person audition dates above.  Please send a video submission of the dance techniques below by 5:00 pm EST on Sunday December 5, 2021. Submissions should be sent to the email address above with the subject title "Video Dance Audition [insert name]"

Howard University Dance Audition/ Placements will include:

Ballet Barre:

  • Pliè
  • Tendu
  • Degaggè
  • Ron de jambe
  • Frappè
  • Adagio
  • Grand battlement
  • Turning combination
  • Petite allegro
  • Grand allegro

 Modern dance:

  • A modern dance center combination/solo
  • A one-minute improvisation

 African dance:

  • Demonstration of traditional West African dance movements. 

NOTE: If you have not had previous experience with African dance you will not be penalized. The placement will then be based on the Ballet and Modern requirements, and the interview questions below.

Dance candidates must also undergo an interview. Interview questions will include:

  1. Why Howard University Dance Program?
  2. While focusing on the mastery of your craft, what professional companies/national and international work are you planning to pursue in the future?
  3. Howard University Dance Program is intense by itself, but in addition to the extensive amounts of dance courses, rehearsals, and so on, academic courses must also be mastered. What is your plan for time management?

Theatre Arts Administration Interviews

In response to Covid-19 related restrictions, all reviews will be conducted online by appointment.

  • Students will be invited to interview.
  • Students should prepare written statement of purpose addressing their intent to study Theatre Arts Administration as well as career goals.
  • Students are welcome to present work samples or documentation supporting their area of interest (optional).
  • Students should submit a recent headshot.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from appropriate academic or professional references.
  • You must email the theatre arts administration program at (subject: INTERVIEW) to set up an appointment for an interview; include return contact information.

Design, Technology & Stage Management Interviews

In response to Covid-19 related restrictions, all reviews will be conducted online by appointment.


We recognize that some applicants may not have been able to document their work or experiences in the theatre so we encourage students to assemble whatever materials they may have available into a portfolio. Remember that your passion and imagination can be as valuable as your experience. Your portfolio should indicate the range of your interests and accomplishments. The format for your portfolio presentation and review will be a discussion with an evaluator about your interests and experience in the theatre.

You will need to bring along:

• A recent color photograph (5x7).

• A resume listing your theatrical experience(s), educational background, hobbies, awards and special skills.

• A statement of purpose; a one-page essay indicating what you want to achieve while attending the school.

• Two letters of support recommending you to the program.

• A portfolio.


If you are interested in designing for the stage, your portfolio should include drawings, sketches and drafting samples; photographs of scenery, properties, costumes and lighting you may have done or helped to prepare, and/or artwork.

If you are interested in technology, please include any materials listed above and/or any paperwork such as forms or schedules you created for a show.

If you are interested in stage management, your prompt book, script(s) or any other relevant information that demonstrates your organizational skills should be brought to the review.

You must email the Area Coordinator- Anthony Gomes, at (subject: INTERVIEW) to set up an appointment.

Playwriting (Minor only) Interviews

  • Students must show a high promise of success in undergraduate study as demonstrated by an essay, interview and documentation of work experience in the field.
  • To apply for consideration for acceptance into the minor concentration interested students must submit via email (in Microsoft Word): 
    • a resume
    • the first 10 pages of a play or a screenplay 
    • one(1) letter of recommendation from appropriate academic or professional references
    • a 2 page essay stating why you wish to study playwriting. (Discuss your interests, your background in the theatre, the playwrights and productions that have influenced you and how you want to impact both stage and screen.)
  • Please email the requested materials to Professor Hart, coordinator for the playwriting program at to set up an appointment for an interview; include return contact information.