Theatre and Dance Minors

Theatre and Dance Minor Programs

The Department of Theatre Arts offers areas of study for non-Theatre Arts students. Minor areas include: Theatre Arts, Dance Arts, Theatre Arts Administration,Theatre Technology, Playwriting.

Departmental Minor Programs

Theatre Arts Minor

Students interested in being a minor in the Department of Theatre Arts can study as a general concentration minor.  This area provides a broad foundation of Theatre Arts.  Required courses are shown below.


THAC 010 Intro to the Theatre    3 CR                                             

THTT 101/102 Stagecraft I or II    3 CR          

THFD 080  Play Analysis    3 CR

THTA 090 Intro To Theatre Management    3 CR                                           


THAC 020 Intro to Acting    3 CR   



THTT 160 Survey of Design Styles    3 CR   


THTT 052 Basic Stagecraft    3 CR


THTT 201/202 Theatre Technology I or II    3 CR

Elective    3 CR

                                                         TOTAL: 18 CREDITS                                        

Dance Arts Minor

The primary purpose of the Dance Arts Minor is to satisfy general interest of undergraduate students in Dance Arts, and to supplement throughout the University. A minimum of 18 hours, drawn from both the academic and practical courses offered by the program, are required for completion of the minor. Dance Arts minors are held to all program regulations concerning interviews, auditions, prerequisites, academic standards and grades for classes.


Dance Arts Minor: 18 Credit Hours

2- THDN 076 Dance Tech I Bal/Mod/Afr Sem (fall only)

2- THDN 077 Dance Tech II Bal/Mod/Afr Sem (spring only)

2- THDN 001 Modern I (fall only)

2- THDN 004 Modern II (spring only)

2- THDN 007 Ballet I (fall only)

2- THDN 007 Ballet I (spring only)

3- THDN 029 Dance History I (fall only)

3- THDN 030 Dance History II (spring only)                                            

Theatre Arts Administration Minor

The primary purpose of the Theatre Arts Administration Minor is to satisfy the general interest of undergraduate students throughout the University, and to supplement the academic and professional requirements of several majors across campus. It is intended to provide the student with a foundation and introduction to the administrative aspects of theatrical productions as they relate to general theatre management, stage management, box office management,  house management, fundraising, and publicity. A minimum of 18 hours, drawn from both the academic and practical courses offered by the Department, is required for completion of the minor. Theatre Arts Administration minors are held to all Departmental regulations concerning prerequisites. Therefore, students should be advised regularly by the minor coordinator before registering for Theatre Arts Administration courses.



3- Intro to the Theatre*                                                                                          

3- Intro to Theatre Management I (fall semester only)                           

3- Intro to Theatre Management II (spring semester only)

3- Stage Management                           

1- Theatre Arts Administration Lab I or II

1- Theatre Arts Administration Lab II or III

1- Theatre Arts Administration Lab III or IV                                        

3- Fundraising for the Arts (fall semester only)          


* This course will be replaced with an advanced course within the area, for current Theatre Arts majors.                           

Theatre Technology Minor

Theatre Technology is designed to meet the needs of students interested in the technical aspects of theatrical production and is intended to give the student a solid foundation in the following areas: stage costuming, make-up, stage lighting, stage sound, stagecraft, stage properties, and scenery.



3 -Technical Production I                 

3- Intro to the Theatre                      

3- Basic Stage Lighting                    

3- Basic Stagecraft                          

3- Costume for the Theatre             

3- Play Analysis                                

Playwriting Minor

Playwriting: Writing for Stage and Screen 

The primary purpose of the Theatre Arts Playwriting minor with a focus on writing for stage and screen focuses specifically on the craft of dramatic writing for stage and screen. This minor is designed to develop the writers individual voice and increase their understanding of the inherent mechanics of dramatic story and how it applies in story telling for the stage and screen. Through courses that teach students to analyze the dramatic text, discover first-hand the variant roles of the stage and screen collaborators, learn basic production techniques, and develop their writing ability through a series of intensive workshop style classes, students develop the necessary skills for advanced study and an eventual career in theatre and Television. Since we live in a world which utilizes dramatic form to tell stories and contribute information to society and dramatic content has an increasing effect on our lives, students will become adept at the execution of dramatic structure and understand the theory and aesthetics of writing for the stage and screen.



The ideal student for the playwriting minor is a student who has an interest in and aptitude for storytelling and dramatic content. We are looking for students whose writing showcases their ability to tell a good story that evokes feeling and they have a specific point of view and mission for the stories they tell.

A successful Playwriting minor will:

  • Know what distinguishes Theatre writing from film writing.
  • Develop a general understanding and appreciation of major periods of theatre history and major pieces of dramatic literature.
  • Identify the characteristics of the major theatre genres, and know how each of these genres and styles has engendered distinctive forms of playwriting, acting, directing, and theatrical design.
  • Enhance critical thinking and writing skills through literary analysis of important dramatic works of classical and contemporary drama.
  • Acquire the ability to analyze scripts and critically assess those elements that contribute to the theatre process and a fully actualized production.
  • Write coherent relevant plays for a contemporary audience.
  • Acquire cultural capital through exposure to professional theatre in the Washington DMV area




THFD 030 BEGINNING DIRECTING                                                                                               

3-  THFD-080  PLAY ANALYSIS (spring or fall)                                                             

3-  THFD-040  PLAYWRITING I (fall only)                                                                 

3-  THFD-041  PLAYWRITING II (spring only)                                                             

3-  THFD-083  INTRO. TO PRODUCTION DRAMATURGY (fall only) (Pre-requisite is Play Analysis)