Honors Curriculum

Honors Students may take the following courses with the consent of their Advisors.

In consultation with the student's advisors, the requisite number of credits and courses will be waived so that Honors Students can complete these courses.

Students who accept the invitation from the Honors Program in their sophomore year will be expected to complete ten (10) credit hours, beginning with the General Literature Honors courses 079 and 080.

Sophomores must have completed the Freshman English courses 002 and 003 before they can elect to complete the Honors Curriculum.

Honors Curriculum

Freshman Year


075-3 Composition for Honors (3 credits)


076-3 Composition for Honors (3 credits)

(in lieu of Freshman English 002 and 003)

Sophomore Year


079 General Literature Honors (3 credits)


080 General Literature Honors other courses from Honors curriculum can be substituted by consent of the advisor (in lieu of Humanities, General Studies, Elective, etc.)

Junior Year

Directed Studies (offered either semester) (1 credit)

Senior Year

Senior Thesis (offered either semester, in lieu of Humanities, General Studies, Elective, etc.) (3 credits)