Mission, Philosophy & Objectives

Mission Statement

Howard University's Department of Theatre is dedicated to the continued growth and development of African-American theatre by training competent professionals in the fields of Acting, Dance Arts, Musical Theatre, Theatre Arts Administration, and Theatre Technology.  The Department is committed to fostering an environment that encourages research and experimentation in performance, thereby pioneering innovative forms of drama and dance that best enable African-American artists to speak in their own distinctive cultural voice.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) programs are professional programs designed for the student interested in seriously pursuing a career in the performing arts.  These programs focus on a series of application and research-intensive courses leading to the development of a body of techniques that will serve as a foundation for their entry into the field.  The program seeks to "ground" the student's "voice" within the tradition of the Diaspora and continue the legacy of our departmental founders.

Departmental Philosophy

The Department of Theatre Arts is committed to the training of knowledgeable theatre artists, theorists, historians, and teachers in the theatre arts. The Department is dedicated to the principle of developing the highest quality of theatre art, and to the serious investigation and perpetuation of the experiences and aesthetics of Black theatre and dance.


  1. To train and educate theatre and dance artist-scholars by providing students with a broad-based foundation of theatre and dance process and practice.
  2. To provide students with diverse theatre and dance experiences and to investigate and perpetuate the aesthetics of African-American theatre and dance.
  3. To provide students with a knowledge of and appreciation for related Fine and Performing Arts disciplines and how they are integrated into the practice of theatre and dance.
  4. To provide students with the basic techniques necessary for performance in theatre, film, television, dance.